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Creative activity

Alexander Saratskiy is a laureate of international jazz festivals (Lisbon, Moscow, Prague, Barcelona), graduate of Leningrad conservatory, composer, arranger, theorist and historic, plus professor of Kiev Music Academy named after Tchaikovsky (conservatory). With almost 25 years of stage performance experience, he presents his author projects mainly in Ukraine and Russia.

After graduating from Kiev Music College in 1979 and finishing his military service in 1981, he worked in the ‘Cascade’ ensemble. In 1988 he was in charge of the XX Century’ band which was quite popular at that time.

Alexander Saratskiy has issued 4 albums: ‘Two plus …’ (2001), ‘SaraBanda’ (2004), ‘Blackthorn in blossom’ (2009) and ‘Wonderful world’ (2010). Every year he performs with a solo program in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine (the concerts he presented in 2002, 2004 and 2005 were sold out). Furthermore, he is a founder and coordinator of Kiev’s famous ensemble ‘Two plus…’, a brainchild of Alexander and his friend and great vocalist Aleksey Tuzov. Nowadays, the best musicians contribute to the ensemble development.

The genre variety is amazingly wide: the repertoire ranges from classic jazz to contemporary music and Ukrainian folk music, engaging both experimental approach and popular tunes. ‘Two plus…’ ensemble is a frequent guest at various corporate evenings, concerts, presentations and other exclusive events in Ukraine and far beyond its limits (Belgium, Turkey).


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