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Alexander Saratsky

Alexander Saratskiy was born on January 28th in 1961, in Kiev, Ukraine, to a family of an engineer and a musicologist , Naum Saratskiy and Alla Saratskaya. In 1975 he graduated from secondary school and musical school #3 named after V.S. Kosenko (violin class). In the same year he entered the theoretical faculty of Glier Kyiv State Higher Music College.

 1973-75 – first attempts in composing.

1978 – Tbilisi jazz festival.

1979 - 1981 – military service in the regiment band orchestra in Chernigov.

1981 - 1982 – works as a keyboard player at "Tovtry" ensemble of Khmelnitsky philharmonic, where he meets his future wife, Alyona Vasilyeva.

1982 - 1984, 1985 - 1986 – works as a keyboard player at "Cascade" ensemble of Pskov philharmonic.

1983 – Alexander gets married.

1984 – his son, Dmitriy Saratskiy, is born.

1983 – Alexander Saratskiy enters the theoretical faculty of Leningrad Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov.

1988 – Alexander graduates with a "Fusion as a phenomenon in the modern music" diploma.

Since 1987 he has been a musical director of "ХХ vek" ("ХХ century") band. Together with this band participated in numerous national and international festivals - "Rock-Panorama" (Moscow 1987), in Lisbon 1987, in Barcelona 1988, performance at "Inter-talent" (Prague 1989).

1995 founded " Two plus..." ensemble, has been working with it ever since.

Different musicians have contributed to the ensemble development, among them: Maxim Gladetsky (double-bass), Maxim Kochetov (saxophone), Valery Kolesnikov (flute), Vladimir Molotkov (guitar), Andriy Kuzmenchuk (percussive), Lana Merkulova (vocal), Lilia Grevcova (vocal), Sergiy Rybalkin (guitar), Vladimir Voloshuk (double-bass), Igor Rudoy (saxophone), Dmitry Alexandrov (saxophone), Sergiy Makarov (double-bass), Vadim Balayan (percussive), Alexander Rukomoinikov (saxophone), Alexander Timchuk (percussive), Artem Mendelenko (saxophone), Svetlana Loboda (vocal), Natalya Gura (vocal) and many others. Aleksey Tuzov (vocal) is a permanent ensemble member.

Permanent participant of band Oleksij Tuzov (vocal).

Aleksey Tuzov Maxim Kochetov Lana Merkulova

"Two plus..." ensemble participated in different jazz festivals and events, tours round Ukraine and CIS, shows, corporate events, banquets and many other events.A.

Saratskiy issued four personal albums:

  • Two plus ... (2000)
  • Sarabanda(2003)
  • Blackthorn in blossom (2009)
  • Wonderful world (2010)

Alexander Saratskiy is the author of many works for piano, chamber orhcestras, symphonic and band orchestras, jazz and rock ensembles. He has composed music for the theatre ("Lion in winter", "Cat house").

 “Two plus…” ensemble

A frequent guest at various corporate parties, concerts, presentations and other exclusive events in Ukraine and far beyond its limits (Brussels, Moscow, Berlin), “Two Plus…” ensemble is a team of talented Ukrainian vocalists and instrumentalists.

The repertoire of “Two Plus…” ensemble ranges from Ukrainian folk music to traditional jazz.

Alexander Saratskiy is  an author of numerous piano pieces, as well as pieces written for chamber ensembles, brass and symphony orchestras, theatres, jazz and rock ensembles. Also, Alexander Saratskiy is a professor at the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music (Kiev Conservatory), Evening music school #1 named after K. G. Stecenko, and the Institute of Stage Arts.

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